Unique Modern Beach Home – The Dune House

Marc Koehler Architects have created a rather unique house located on the island of Terschelling off the

Contemporary Minimalist Home in Australia

Andrew Simpson architects have designed this house that is based in Victoria, Australia. The house is

Kitchens Painted Yellow – Ideas

Yellow isn’t really a colour that you would usually consider painting your kitchen. However, when done

Beautiful Glass House in Oregon

This modern glass house is architect Olson Kundig design. Not only is the contemporary house modern it is

7200sq Foot of Awesome House

Today we bring you a house that is located in San Diego, California. The house was

Contemporary House in Houston Texas

Depending on which country that you live in and even what area you live in the

Modern Eco Built House

This eco house was designed by Michelle Kaufman who has the reputation of having great designs and a

Ultimate Luxury Tree House

Tree houses are just for kids, that’s what we used to think until we saw this

Luxury LA Glass House

This house is beautiful, its not only is the architecture of building that makes this house

Lausanne House – Renovation of a bungalow in Québec City, Canada

Lausanne House is a recently renovated bungalow in Quebec city. The architect was given the brief